Liberty Society

Liberty Society exists to restore, promote, and amplify individual liberty.

Liberty Society is a social network for libertarians, voluntarians, anarcho-capitalists, classical conservatives, and classical liberals who truly wish to see the realization of a free society as soon as possible. We encourage like-minded liberty lovers to reach out and network with one another in an effort to better our lives, enhance our liberties, and help each other to break free, out of the influence of the coercive society and into one which is voluntary and rooted in property rights – the natural rights that extend from our self-evident self-ownership.

At Liberty Society, members can communicate with one another, create and contribute to projects, and create events to network with one another in the physical world. At Liberty Society, you will find a discussion forum with a wide variety of different topic sections, a customizable profile for promoting your own interests, and many wonderful people with which to share your thoughts, ideas, research, and opinions.

Beyond the basic social network, Liberty Society has an official mandate to promote decentralized do-it-yourself means of achieving liberty in all avenues of life and encourage our members to offer their unique skills to help one another to grow without the use of the state apparatus. Our mission is to bring about the voluntary society, where human relationships bloom and evolve on an entirely voluntary basis.

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